Monday, December 3, 2007

Hopefully, here is a picture of my sister Carol and my grandson, Ben, sweeping leaves on the deck. Also a picture of the tree skirt and handmade ornaments and the chocolate and special tin of carmel corn from Ellen. This was our 2007 Christmas Swap, and was great fun. Thanks, Ellen.
Hello to all. I can't beleive it has been a month since I added anything to this! I have been very busy with my sister, Carol,one of my quilting sisters. She fell and broke both her femurs aboiut 2 weeks ago. Of course needed surgery to pin everything back together. Would you beleive they kicked her out of the hospital after 2 days?! She went home with her son and DIL, bedfast at the time. She now has a wheelchair and linited ability to use it. She has huge incisions on both legs. I feel so sorry for her. Of course my Dad ,who is 82, is worried to death about her. I hate that too.
On a happier note, I got my Hometown Christmas quilt quilted, and bound, and gift wrapped! Also matching pillowcases. Also finished my Goshen Star quilt, bound and all. My quilter, which I was cussing recently, is behaving nicely, moody thing that it is, so I am going to get another quilt on it quick before it changes moods again!LOL I have all my Christmas presents wrapped except two I don't have yet. I have to get everything done up as I'm gaving hernia surgery on the 20th. I'm going to put the tree up on the evening of the 19th.DH is having nervous jitters. I just want it over with,I've got better things to do!!!
My camera has been giving me fits, but seems to be working some tonight, so I will try to get some pictures poosted soon. I got a lovely little tree skirt from Ellen, my secret Santa at the Hollow,I want to post a pic of it. Till next time, hopefully in just a few days. hugs, Cathy