Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family Pictures

This is a picture of DH and myself, and one of DS and daughter-in-law,taken on New Year's Eve, just moments after they told us we will be grandparents for the second time in August. What a great New Year's present. When their first was coming, they told us on Christmas Eve of that year. I was kind of expecting this as we knew they were 'trying', and when they didn't say anything at Christmas I figured I was wrong, so it was a good surprise on New Year's! We are hoping for a girl this time-I can't wait to make little girl things!

Valentine Runner

Here is a picture of my version of the Sweetheart Runner pattern. I wanted to make it as a wall hanging, so I changed the orientation of the hearts. It made up very quickly, in a day. Since I took this picture I took it down and steamed the waviness into submission and put it back up.

Computer Problems

This is a picture of my husband, Art, working on my computer. Yes, all those many small parts spreas across the table are parts of my computer! It just decided one day not to start. It took him SIX hours to figure out and fix the problem, with parts from another old power supply. He is nothing if not tenacious! I would have heaved it thru a window by that time!LOL He saved us a lot of money, tho. He is an electrician, so he has the meters and test equipment to do this kind of work in a pinch. He is a keeper.